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The eyes speak volumes. They’ve been known to move mountains, change the course of history and show unfaltering strength in the face of danger with nothing more than a steady glance. Allergan wants to celebrate women and the power their eyes possess.
Creating an unbranded campaign that aims to reframe the physical condition to a social one, provide disease education, and help people realize the power the eyes have in portraying their true selves. 
In two short months, we’ve generated millions of Twitter impressions and thousands of #eyepowerment uses. And most importantly, our key action completion rates on Eyepowerment.com have greatly surpassed all pharma and healthcare benchmarks.
2018 REGGIE AWARD WINNER - SILVER (Age-Targeted Marketing)
Case Study
:30 Tv Spot
In this film, 12 iconic women’s photographs are featured with the provocative caption, “Before we had our voice, we had our eyes.” We then present the issue that for 33 million Americans who suffer from Chronic Dry Eye, their eyes may be sending the wrong message. We encourage them to call their eye doctor to schedule an appointment in order to find Eyepowerment. The music, a modern version of the classic “Bette Davis Eyes” was commissioned by artist Bae West, and is available for download across multiple music platforms. 
The creative campaign features women with expressive eyes, who have changed the game in their perspective context. Each, in her own way, exuded confidence and strong character.


To raise awareness immediately and quickly, we developed a national launch during the Academy Awards (February 2017). Simultaneously, on Twitter, we partnered with key influencers Melissa Rivers and Vanity Fair, to ask followers to tweet their “eye selfies”, in order to help raise awareness and donations. And a Facebook page was created to speak more specifically about who the iconic women are and why they were featured.  Every tweet was coupled with a charitable contribution to “Dress for Success”, an empowering organization that helps women all over the world feel more confident heading into job interviews.

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