Reverse Your Outlook Mental Health America

Mental health is an important topic in many American communities, but the stigma surrounding it is still quite high. This campaign was created to let people suffering from mental health issues, and their caregivers, know they aren’t alone, and that there is help out there that can change their outlook. This is a project where we fell In love with the problem, not the solution. The key to innovation is finding compassion or an unmet need, and finding that need requires awareness and observations. We redefined the problem; which was that when people are dealing with mental illness they get stuck and cant seem to find their way back out of the hole they are in. 
The solution was simple, showing them that change was possible they just needed to take the first step by reversing their outlook on life. When read from top to bottom, the copy paints a grim portrait of what it’s like to suffer from mental illness. But when read, as instructed by the call to action (Reverse your outlook on life. Start by reading the above, bottom to top), it is full of hope and the promise of change. 
Short-listed at Cannes.

FCB Chicago
Teddy Brown
Sean Burns
Anna Kate Roche
Matt Stiel 
Jimmy Zubik

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